One-on-One Facebook and Instagram Coaching

We provide one-on-one consultations to make sure you and your staff
are ready and prepared for the long Instagram and Facebook journey. We also help you develop an Instagram and Facebook marketing strategy, and provide you with the knowledge necessary to run your accounts effectively and efficiently.

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Short Term Social Media Management

Whether you are a seasonal based company (e.g. only open in the summer) or just looking for an Instagram and Facebook setup/revamp, we will work closely with you and your team to develop a strong Instagram strategy. We also will help set up your accounts for success so that everything starts rolling and organic growth occurs. All you will need to do is maintain what we build for you!

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Long Term Social Media Management

These services are for you, if you find that you don't have the TIME but know that you have to be on Facebook and Instagram because that is where your audience is. We work for you in order to ensure that customers are constantly aware of your business, tourists will never miss your stop, and your community will know the ins and out of your business on a regular basis.

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Why did I get into the Marketing Industry?


BNL was started because of my love for local and the impact small businesses had on making me feel a part of my community.  When I was first introduced to a few marketing companies I became frustrated with the current way marketing agencies were taking over Instagram accounts. Time and time again I was a witness to marketers taking advantage of small businesses by making promises they didn't even know how to keep and taking advantage of their clients' lack of knowledge about the platform in order to financially benefit.

Today I work closely with businesses that I believe need to be seen in the local community and the only way to really do this is by using Instagram. Every business that I work with not only becomes a part of the local conversation but also is welcomed into an amazing network of business owners and entrepreneurs who are working together to change the way Instagram is used in order to generate authentic content with positive messaging and honest connections with their community and customer base.

Through storytelling, authentic imagery, and vulnerable writing styles - BNL is here to help you thrive on Instagram and finally give you the opportunity to take control of your own marketing.  You know your customers better than anyone and I am just here to coach you along the way!



Next Steps...

I love talking about Instagram and would love to chat more about your business needs to see if there is a way we can work together.  Send me an email today and let's connect!