Casual Coffee Date


Who doesn't love drinking hot beverages in a cute coffee shop and talking about Instagram?!  Arrange a sit down with Megan (Your Local Instagram Guru) for one hour and learn all there is to know about Instagram and let her teach you how to set up your account with a marketer's perspective in mind.  She will provide you with the tools and creative inspiration necessary to take on your Instagram account and have you leaving the coffee date full of motivation and inspiration!

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Just a Fling


Sign up with BNL Media for just one month and let us help you get on Instagram.  We will set up/revamp your account, establish a brand story for your business, generate start-up content, find the right audience, and teach YOU how to think Instagram in your own business.  

For an added bonus - your Instagram Guru (Megan) will educate and train an employee or employees of your choosing so that they can take over your business' social media platforms successfully!

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Lets Make It Official


Sign up with BNL Media and have the team take care of your social media platforms, curate social media feeds, find your audiences, and make sure that you become a part of what the locals are talking about and taking pictures of on a weekly basis!

If we work together with you and your employees, there is no doubt that your Instagram will be the brand to watch and be entertained by in your local community!

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The Ultimate Goal

With BNL our ultimate goal is to make sure that your Insagram platforms become a part of the local conversation!  Whether it is through having your customers share your Insta posts on their own platforms, visitors of your store take photos of their own experience with you and sharing on social, or by your account engaging with your existing audience as well as new potential customers ... we make it happen one post at a time!

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Collaborate over Confiscate

At BNL Media we do not look to take over your Instagram and completely disconnect you from the creative process.  We encourage having open communication as well as at least one meeting per month to talk vision, goals, and of course... Life!

We are here to work with you so that you can take charge of your brand, tell the story you have always wanted to tell, and provide consistency so that your voice is heard within your local community on a daily basis and that you become to company in your local niche to watch!


Next Steps...

Email today or give your new Instagram Guru a phone call so that we can discuss how we can work together to get your business thriving on Instagram as soon as possible!