This company was inspired by the start of a blog called Breathe Nourish Love

It was written by Me ( Megan Shallow). After learning how to master WordPress, I realized that focusing on SEO and waiting for strangers to stumble across my blog from a google search did not make any sense.  Plus, I did not like the lack of control I had over that.

The only way I could think of to drive people to my website was by creating an Instagram account which you can find @breathe.nourish.love.  With a lot of reading, google searching, and podcast listening - I was amazed at how I could go out into the Insta world and connect with my audience rather than wait for the audience to find me.

I realized I could use my passion for something more impactful.

Knowing that my favourite local businesses could not afford expensive marketing firms, I felt like I may have found an answer to help them get the upper hand over the big corporate companies who had lots of money to throw at web developers, marketing agencies, magazines, and radio.

What first started as helping out a friend with their Business Instagram account all of a sudden rolled into multiple clients and daily coaching sessions talking to people just like you. The topic of Instagram is HOT but it is still a mystery to many. BNL is here and it was created to help you.

Let us be a part of your Social Media journey and together we can help drive the local movement in as many beautiful communities as possible, one Social account at a time!